Yes, we will keep a record of your online order with all the details. In addition, we will keep your individual paper pattern.
We will email your order confirmation within 24 hours with expected delivered date. We anticipate delivering all orders within 12-14 days of confirmation.
Yes, we can ship orders to anywhere in the world. Delivery times vary by region.
Upon inspection, if Royal Tailor made an error, we will then make arrangements to receive back the order and have it corrected or redone.
Yes, send us an email immediately and we will rectify the error.
Yes, we ship orders door-to-door via UPS, Fedex, DHL or EMS Speedpost
Please contact us and we will do everything possible to handle the case and make you happy with your purchase.
Yes, of course! That will help us to create perfect fit clothing for you.
The word bespoke means made-to-order or custom-made. It is most known for its centuries-old relationship with tailor-made suits.
We construct all jackets with working buttons.

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