Styling Tips

Double Breasted Suit

In contrast to the single breasted men’s suit type, the double breasted suit includes additional buttons on either side of the jacket for aesthetic purposes. The total number of buttons ranges from four to eight and typically lands at six. As a result of the extra buttons, the focal point drifts from the seam toward the sides to create the illusion of a wider frame. Whether such optical trickery is beneficial usually boils down to body type, whereas stockier men are probably better off sticking with a single breasted suit. While previously relegated to formal events, the double breasted suit is catching on among fashion-forward men, especially in Europe. The suit works great with a variety of colours and most commonly features peak lapels on the jacket. As for the rules of buttoning a double breasted men’s jacket, they’re quite simple: no matter how many buttons there are, always leave the bottom button unfastened and the top button(s) fastened whether sitting or standing.

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